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Penn Alumni Spring Webinars - Office Hours with John Gearhart

This spring, take advantage of educational and networking programs all without leaving your home or office. These online webinars are free and easy to access directly from your computer.

When you were a student, office hours provided an opportunity to ask in-depth questions and to explore points of interest with your professor outside of class. Penn Alumni Office Hours provides this same opportunity to alumni – without the required reading or threat of a pop quiz. These live, in-depth, and interactive webinars offer Penn alumni an exclusive opportunity to engage in dialogue with Penn’s renowned faculty on a variety of topics.

March 14, 2012
10:00am - 11:00am PST
Office Hours with John Gearhart
Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell Tourism and Athletic Enhancements

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John Gearhart was one of the first scientists to identify and isolate human embryonic stem cells and is a leading expert in regenerative medicine. He is often quoted in the popular press and has testified in front of Congress numerous times regarding stem cell research and treatments. As the Director of the Penn Institute of Regenerative Medicine, John oversees and coordinates stem cell research across campus. Join John for a lively discussion where he will discuss the complex topic of stem cell tourism: when patients travel to other countries to undergo stem cell therapies that are not approved in the United States. John will also discuss the contentious issue of stem cell enhancements for athletes giving them a competitive edge!

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