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Who is in that Quaker suit?

Did You Know…that five students make our mascot, the Penn Quaker, come to life?

Tradition insists that the identities of the Quaker remains a secret. The job qualifications include an outgoing personality, an excessive amount of energy and enthusiasm, and most importantly, not taking oneself too seriously. And, like any top model, potential mascots should stand between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet tall. Joe Neary, who oversees the Quaker as Penn’s cheerleading coach, says performing as the mascot is all about the students being creative and developing a persona. The Quaker never fights other mascots (he is a Quaker), but he has played chicken with the Saint Joseph’s Hawk and tinkered with the Drexel Dragon’s tail. During the final basketball game of the season, any Quaker who is graduating takes off the mascot head and reveals his face so he can be recognized by the crowd.

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